Apple may not fix a computer that’s been around cigarettes

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Maybe we shoulda stuck with typewriters

Even though it’s unhealthy, smoking just looks cool. We blame Mad Men But it turns out that smoking around your laptop could cause some totally unpopular nerds at the Apple Store to refuse to fix your broken laptop because it’s full of secondhand smoke. Pff, whatever, more like secondhand cool, right?

Consumerist has a handful of tales of Mac owners that asked Apple to fix their machines, only to be rebuffed because the machines were called biohazards. None of the people who emailed Consumerist said they did anything like blow smoke into the open vents, and they also pointed out that the Applecare warranty doesn’t list “smoking cigarettes near the computer” as something the voids the warranty.

So, where does that leave you with your attempts to write that screenplay that will change your life, fueled only by coffee and cigarettes? Well, it’s probably best to work in coffee shops now, since the only hazard to your laptop there is an angry barista “dropping” a cup of coffee on it. Which we can help you avoid. And if you do want to live longer instead of look cool for some strange reason, keep an eye out for more instances of NYC helping you quit.

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