Quit it! Free nicotine patch and gum program is back

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Are you getting tired of smoking because of the years that it’s taking off your life? Oh, wait, you’re young, so you think you’re invincible. BUT are you tired of paying a thousand¬†eleven bucks a pack for them? Of course you are, you’re reading Brokelyn. If you’re ready to give up on America’s most popular way to slowly kill yourself, you’re not alone. The City Department of Health is here to help you out with free nicotine patches and gum.

It’s real simple. Fill out their brief survey between now and March 21 and you can find out if you qualify for the gum and patches. Hopefully you do, because the city is becoming a less and less hospitable place to smoke. Cigarettes, that is. Turns out we’re getting a little more welcoming to other forms of intoxication here.


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