Come straight outta Compton to tomorrow’s Dre Day party in Williamsburg

Still got it
Still got it

We’re told the East Coast-West Coast 90s beef has dissipated, but we at Brokelyn don’t like to let things go, especially when there’s the chance they might age into something we can attach the word “vintage” to. Despite our love of vintage feuds (#TeamMcCoy #HouseOfYork) and our bitter hatred for stupid LA and their stupid sunshine,  we feel a newfound tenderness toward Dr. Dre, the new AARP poster child. We think it’s safe to say this beautiful kinship over our vulnerability to the passage of time and Dre’s potential access to that medicinal kush has basically made him a surrogate pop-pop to us all. This is why we’re excited to reconcile and celebrate his birthday with a night of gin and juice and nuthin but G thangs at Kinfolk’s Dre Day.

This Thursday, show the world you refuse to forget about Dre with a night of live performers spreading that California love. If you RSVP and arrive at Kinfolk (94 Wythe Ave) between 10 and midnight you can get in free, otherwise admission is $5. Nick Hook and Project Matt will be spinning your favorite Dre hits and there will be gin and juice specials to keep you laid back. So take your Beats headphones off for once and show the one doctor that doesn’t terrify you some love.

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