The 17 funniest tweets about voting in NYC so far today

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Pie voted! It’s a slice of politics at Vinnie’s, which created edible versions of the candidates today. Via @vinniesbrooklyn on Twitter.

Election Day in non-swing state America is like Christmas day when you’re Jewish: Sure, you can still appreciate the pageantry and traditions, but you know none of the advertising is¬†really targeted at you. But of course New Yorkers are the best, so we all dutifully showed up for the polls in the morning, battling long lines and confusing polling places to get our voices heard. That’s ok, we’ve only had 240-ish years to figure out how to correctly hold an election in this country, that’s barely any time.

But before you sit around tonight waiting for the results to come while trying not to drink yourself to death, let’s take a break and look at some of the funnier things happening during voting in NYC so far today. We won’t know the results of the race for hours, but already Trump got humiliated on his home turf.

Pizza meme masters Vinnie’s topped a pizza with democracy:

The voter selfies started popping up early:

And so did the polling place fashions:

But the streets in Brooklyn have long been RIGGED:

Even a cramped polling place can seem spacious:

Even grad school doesn’t give you any¬†stickers:

And everyone is watching closely:

While Brooklyn tourism goes on (we have the answer to this Q here btw):

Three more terms! Three more terms!

It’s truly showtime for democracy:

Voter fraud is real after all:

Don’t be a proponent of jerkocracy:

It never hurts to be prepared:

His name has gotta be YUUUGE:

Eyes on your own paper!

And however bad you feel about this election, remember that our great city came together on election day to boo and laugh at Donald Trump as he went to vote today:

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