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Happy holidays from your 4/20 spirit guides, the girls of Broad City

broad city high times
For real, this photo is 420 pixels high.

Hi if you’re a narc or a square please kindly X out of this post and read this instead, but for the rest of you, relax! It’s Friday! And Sunday is egg-laying rabbit day or something, but it’s also 4/20, that most highest of holidays. Let us take a moment to acquaint you with your 4/20 spirit guides for this year’s holiday, the ladies of Broad City. Not only are Abbi and Ilana, the two young New Yorkers on the show, unabashed stoners, they’re lady bro stoners, the likes of which have never been seen on TV before.

We live in a time when the President Choom Gang says weed is less harmful thank alcohol, Broad City is a hit and space bongs are everywhere. The future is here and it has the munchies. Take it away, broads: 

Ilana, practicing the art of stoned memory recall re: her old Brooklyn apartment.

The ladies in the offices of High Times, where there are “so many bongs”

Getting incredibly Doug on Getting Doug With High, with Reggie Watts who is your backup 4/20 spirit guide and general life sherpa:

Extolling the virtues of Nature’s Pocket for weed storage (based on, Ilana has said, a true thing she did on an airplane once).

And, in honor of the passing of tax day, that time Abbi got incredibly stoned and went to the tax man’s office:



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