Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Hang with sexy activists like yourself (and get free beer) tonight at duckduck

neighborhood streetup
The scene at a previous Streetup in Manhattan. Let’s get even more people at this one, BK. via Facebook

Today is a good day for thinking about the kind of city you want to live in in the future. Of course, that can be depressing and overwhelming if you’re thinking about it on your own, especially if you’re staying sober while you’re doing it. So lucky for you then, that Transportation Alternatives is coming to Bushwick bar we love duckduck to gather activists in one place to meet each other and drink free beer courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery.

T.A.’s “Neighborhood Streetup” is a meeting of activists and politically-minded folks who want to meet each other and talk about plans for a better city for everyone (meetings for a better city for only a few people are held here). The event has a rotating home, and this time Transportation Alternatives reps are riding into duckduck (161 Montrose Avenue) at 6:30pm tonight. So is Brooklyn Brewery, who will be providing free beers to the first 125 people who can grab one. And if you let 126 people get here before you do, well, do you deserve the free beer?

You can RSVP to attend for free right here. If you’re upset about things like 5 Pointz or the Fulton Mall redevelopment and want to do more than impotently rage against them on the internet, this seems like as good a place as any to make some plans. And aside from Rob Ford, when has being three beers deep really interfered with plans to effectively govern a city?

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