HallowMEME, and 15 other free things to do in Brooklyn this week

Rage hard at Hallowmeme this week. via Flickr user Geoff Stearns

1. Speakers from the Brooklyn Public Library, StoryCorps, and The Brooklyn Quarterly discuss writing and storytelling at Art Talks Brooklyn at The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Pioneer Works’ Scientific Controversies Series blows your mind by exploring the multiverse. (Tuesday)

3. Go get a flu shot so you don’t join the ranks of people who think they have Ebola once flu season hits. (Tuesday)

4. Do your Tuesday night lurking and laughing at Creep II: The Fame comedy show. (Tuesday)

5. You’re encouraged to wear your costume to the Loud Mouthed Ladies of Trivia Halloween Extravaganza, which is good since we all know you won’t be taking off that costume for the next week. (Wednesday)

6. Check what wicked jokes are bubbling up at Bitches Brew Comedy Night. (Wednesday)

7. Poet Felipe Cussen and producer Dan Freeman blend live poetry and electronic music at Tell Me What To Say. (Wednesday)

8. See the film Coney Island Creek After Sandy: Planning for the Future and discuss the future of the waterway. (Wednesday)

9. We don’t need to explain why you should go to All The Cool Kids Are Doing It Comedy Show. (Wednesday)

10. Brownsville Haunted House has “kid friendly candy.” If the evil don’t-feed-kids-with-diabetic-deliciousness agenda has won and these kids are getting raisins, we’re already terrified. (Thursday)

11. Watch the Knicks and Cavaliers toss around the ole basketball evil pumpkinball at Fort Knicks Fright Night Viewing Party. (Thursday)

12. See if anyone at HallowMEME comes up with a non-Ebola themed costume. (Thursday)

13. Honor your favorite radio host with trivia and character impressions at I’m Listening: A Frasier Themed Comedy Variety Show. (Thursday)

14. Show off your brilliant costume and see the the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Way Station. (Friday)

15. See Nosferatu be creepy as hell while Tenth Intervention provides a live score at Videology. (Friday)

16. Have the pigs blood-soaked prom you always dreamed of at Mary’s Carrie Halloween Party. (Friday)

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