Haircut deal: you pay $50, kids are free

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Considering the high cost of grownup haircuts these days, this seems like quite a bargain. There’s a touted hairdresser in Park Slope who charges $50 for an adult cut—and does kids’ hair for free. So we read on the extremely useful BK parenting blog, A Child Grows in Brooklyn. Blogger Karen Connell says former Soho stylist and Brooklyn dad Louis Radcliff did a “rockin’ ” job on her hair—along with her two kids’ heads, all for fifty bucks. This impossible deal was confirmed by a commenter who says Louis is “amazing.”  See A Child Grows for info on how to get an appointment, and if anyone else knows of any other great cheap haircuts, please let ’em rip here in the comments because everyone’s always asking us.

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  1. Beauty schools offer hit or miss REALLY cheap or free (but please remember to tip!) haircuts and services depending on the school. I am a current enrolled at a top notch beauty school in the city and my peers are ALWAYS looking for models for anything from cuts to highlights to chemical services. Models usually do NOT pay for services (although a small fee may be applied for color, usually $10 or so) and everything is VERY closely monitored by our teachers. If anyone’s interested in getting in on the freebies, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Also check craigslist for model calls in the services–>beauty services section, a lot of us turn there as a last resort if someone cancels!

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