Guess the mystery model and win a free Brokelyn tshirt!

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Guess this Brooklyn blogger and win big!

We’re celebrating Fashion Week by whacking 25 percent off our tshirt prices—now just $15!—and having a contest. Can you name the Brooklyn blogger  in this picture? This guy is such a tightwad that he actually rode his girly bike (he got it third-hand for $50) from Williamsburg to Ikea to return a $2-item three months after the return policy date, and demand “gimme my two dollars!” like the kid in Better Off Dead. Afterwards, he schmoozed us for free beer and burgers at Hope & Anchor even though his blog is way more popular and he actually has a full-time paying gig. Can you guess who it is? The first commenter to correctly identify him gets a free Brokelyn tshirt, and you’ll get to be our new BFFF!


    • Thank you for starting the guessing, Anita, but your answer is incomplete! The answer must include his first and last name, as well as his blog.

  1. OMG is it the famous purveyor of New York Shitty? Whose name I don’t know, so he must not be that famous?

  2. come on anita, you’re almost there! last name begins with a t (and is the name of a country) and he re-works food that is bad for you.

    • I’m rooting for Anita too… but we have a winner! AJ McGuire has correctly named our skinflint. Any thoughts on your victory AJ? How did you do it?

  3. haha nice i have a rooter! yeah i had no idea, just saw you named the photo erik. googling was no good to me, but if you want to send me a shirt too that’s cool:)

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