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Groupon snags you $30 tickets for Arcade Fire show at Barclays

arcade fire
They’re ready to party. Or at least as ready as the Arcade Fire can be to party.

So you missed the Arcade Fire when they played Bushwick, and you’ve been regretting it ever since. Good thing you can see them at Barclays Center, huh? Why pay full price though, when you can use this Groupon to pay 50% less for tickets to Win Butler and pals wear giant paper maché heads? No seriously, we’re asking why you’d do that.

The Arcade Fire Groupon will get you tickets to their August 24 show for thirty bucks in the cheap seats and forty bucks in the slightly fancier seats, instead of paying $62 or $82. Even better, this show includes The Unicorns as an opening act, which you’re probably more excited about anyway because you’re just so cool when it comes to music. Better grab a ticket while you can, because you never know if the unofficial video for “Here Comes The Night” will play in the background while the band plays it on stage.

ARCADE FIRE – HERE COMES THE NIGHT TIME from Seinfeld2000 on Vimeo.

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