Grand Army Plaza is becoming center of Brooklyn’s Resist Trump, ‘WTF Chuck?’ movement

Resist Trump Tuesdays Schumer Grand Army Plaza
Keep on fightin’ and using fruit puns, friends. Photo by John Wentz.

Yesterday was Tuesday, so naturally Park Slopers and farther afield Brooklynites came together to resist Trump under the organization of activist groups #ResistTrumpTuesdays and Resist Trump New York.

Protesters — about 1,400 to 2,000 people, one NYPD Community Affairs officer estimated — densely packed Prospect Park West by Grand Army Plaza, in front of Senator Chuck Schumer’s home. Some signs roasted Schumer, telling him to “grow a spine,” “grow a pear,” “stop confirming fascists,” “stop crying start fighting,” and to “resist or resign,” while others were less disparaging and more encouraging — “Chuck, we need a hero!” “use the filibuster,” and “keep it up Chuck.”

If you missed the protest last night, you’ll definitely have more chances: #ResistTrumpTuesdays, which is affiliated with the Working Families Party and has been resisting Trump on Tuesdays since the start of the year, will be hosting another protest next week — this time across the river in Columbus Circle — and many more times beyond that. Details are forthcoming, but our guess is the event will be in the evening, the world will still not have achieved peace, and America will still be being governed by an evil tyrant cheeto.

Chants of “Fuck your cabinet/we’re not having it” and “filibuster everything” to the beat of a brass band resounded for blocks and blocks beyond the core of the protest, which was perhaps most memorable for its symbolic delivery of boxing gloves and protein bars to Chuck’s apartment building.

Hopefully, however, our as-yet unseen kindly universe lords will visit us between now and then and fix all our problems. But that’s unlikely.

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