Would you pay $188 to wear the Gowanus?

Via screenshot.
Via screenshot.

Nothing says “luxury living” in Brooklyn these days like a wretched and contaminated Superfund site, apparently. Anthropologie, which sells clothes to people who consider Urban Outfitters too down market, is now selling a “Gowanus” dress for $188. The dress is made by local designer UZI NYC, run by co-designer Mari Gustafson.

Via DNAinfo:

Gustafson said she was happy to see Anthropologie — which doesn’t have any stores in Brooklyn — recognize neighborhoods other than the ones typically named by corporations looking to capitalize on the borough’s cool image.

“I’m glad they didn’t name them after Greenpoint or Williamsburg or Bushwick, because that would be cheesy,” Gustafson said. “I think it’s interesting that they’re noticing that the hip factor of Brooklyn is south of Atlantic Avenue. I think it’s good for Brooklyn.”

I guess they finally moved on from $40 Bushwick jerseys.

Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are owned by the same company; CEO Richard Hayne has long been a prominent Republican supporter, notably giving money to Rick Santorum, of all people, several years ago. And now Trump’s administration could actually hamper the cleanup of the Gowanus Canal. Which means the Gowanus name will stay edgy/profitable for years to come. Connect the dots, sheeple.

They company also sells Ditmas, Park Slope and Carroll (Gardens, we assume) tunics.

DNAinfo notes that Anthropologie, not the designer, chose the name for the dress. While the actual soul of Gowanus is under attack, at least corporations can keep taking advantage of an notorious environmental hazard to make their brands seem #chill.

The dress got the appropriate roasting on Twitter yesterday:

Update: Gustafson told Gothamist today that if Brooklynites don’t want to support Anthropologie, they are encouraged to shop at Alter, Kaight, Jill Lindsey, O.N.A. or Bhoomki. “These are lovely little owner operated boutiques in Brooklyn that need your support and stock our products.”

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