Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

The Gowanus Ample Hills location opens July 15!

ample hills gowanus
It’ll look like this, but you know, finished. via Facebook

Ever since the word first came down that Ample Hills was opening some kind of ice cream Valhalla in Gowanus, the one question on everyone’s mind has been “When will it open?” All the Ice Cream Takedowns in the world couldn’t distract us from the prospect of a larger, second Ample Hills, and now we have our opening date buried in a New York Times feature on other ice cream news. On July 15 at noon, the Ample Hills location in Gowanus, located at 305 Nevins Street, will throw open its doors to ice cream-craving patrons.

The Times mini-news blast didn’t feature much more than saying some nice things about Ample Hills’ husband and wife duo Brian Smith and Jackie Cuscuna, but it did mention the July 15 opening date and that the new location would offer 24 flavors instead of 16. Just in case you don’t trust the Times and their liberal media trickery, Ample Hills confirmed the news on their Facebook page, sharing the link to the story along with the hashtag #gowanusiscomingJuly15. Which is a clunky hashtag to be sure, but if you’d rather focus on that than on getting on line for some ice cream, that’s fine. More ice cream for us.

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