Can you make ice cream worth screaming for? Prove it at the Ice Cream takedown

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Can you do better than Captain Scummy? We hope so.

It’s ice cream season (well, it’s always ice cream season but it’s especially so now) but you don’t limit yourself to that corporate ice cream like Baskin’ Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s. You make it yourself, with love and effort, and your friends love it so much that sometimes they ring your buzzer at 3am asking you for some of your homemade stuff. If that describes you, than the Ice Cream Takedown, going down at the Bell House on July 27, wants you to put your best ice cream up against other Brooklynites confident enough to proclaim that their ice cream brings all the boys to the yard.

The Ice Cream Takedown is part of the Takedown cooking competition series, in which shlubs like you get a chance to show off your home cooking skills to the masses, who pay for a ticket to sample wares from you and your competition. If you make a creative ice cream, or just a traditional one that tastes damn good, email chilitakedown [AT] for info on entering.

Bring your A-game, because not only are you publicly competing for best homemade ice cream in Brooklyn, but there are prizes from fancy kitchen suppliers like Wusthof, Anolon, Microplane and KitchenAid, who’s donated a Stand Mixer, so you can make your ice cream even faster.

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