A sprinkling of good news: Ample Hills opening Gowanus location

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We’ve made it through the solstice, and we’ve made it through yet another winter storm and polar vortex. Most importantly, there’s still some light in the sky past 5pm nowadays, so a young lass’ fancy can finally turn to thoughts about summer. And if you weren’t already pumped about summer being welcomed by Janelle Monae, here’s something else to help warm your icy heart: awesome local ice cream slingers Ample Hills are opening a second location in Gowanus. Just watch where you’re going while eating your cone, you wouldn’t want to fall in the canal.

Co-owner Brian Smith told the Daily News that the first Ample Hills location in Prospect Heights has been so damn successful that they needed a second location just to meet demand. And if you’ve ever stood on a line there, you’ll know it’s true. So, because of our fantastic job eating ice cream like a bunch of slobs, we get rewarded with an Ample Hills location in a two-story industrial building in Gowanus.

The ice creamery will move their production from Prospect Heights to Gowanus as well, which Smith says will quadruple the ice cream-making capabilities of the store. So if the crack ice cream has never been there every time you go, you might finally be able to try it. Best of all, we don’t have to wait around until some bullshit like next summer to start queuing up for the sweets, because the location is opening up in May. So bundle up extra tight out there, because you’re gonna want to survive this winter.

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