Rent a free bike on Governors Island every weekday

governors island
That could be you, on that bike. via Facebook

As we inch ever-closer to summer in torturously slow fashion, we’re starting to get a sense of what to do with our time in the sun. Free movies, free film festivals, going to CHVRCHES, cheap music festivals. And now we can add “playing hooky from work to ride bikes on Governors Island,” with the news that the island’s Free Bike Mornings bike rental is becoming a weekday staple┬áthis summer. Just tell your boss you’re entertaining a client or something and sneak off to the ferry, he won’t notice.

Sure, for those of you with office jobs, the news of free bikes being available for up to an hour of free riding around the island between 10am and noon probably doesn’t make you hum “Pony.” But retail workers and freelancers have enough bullshit to deal with, so let them ride it, jump on it. The free bikes will be available starting on Memorial Day, May 26, the island’s glorious opening day, and then available for free from Monday to Friday all summer. There are even tandem bikes, if you and a friend want to test your balance together. Good luck with that if you’ve had a couple drinks, though.

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