Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Goodbye Blue Monday is selling off all their tchochkes today and on New Year’s

goodbye blue monday
See all this stuff? You could own a bunch of this stuff. via Flickr user Hrag Vartanian

One of the great things about Goodbye Blue Monday, aside from their free shows and very open booking policy, was the sheer amount of stuff piled up everywhere around it. Not to mention attached to the walls and spilling out into the backyard. Records, posters, old magazine, advertising signs, cool furniture, there’ll really never be another venue that looks like it. However, you can make your apartment look like Goodbye Blue Monday now, because today and tomorrow they’re selling everything that isn’t nailed down, in a giant liquidation sale. You can probably even get some stuff that’s nailed down, with the right offer.

Goodbye Blue Monday sent the call out across all their social media channels, letting the world know that starting at 1pm today and 1pm tomorrow on New Year’s Eve, they’re gonna sell off every record, book, magazine and tchochke they’ve still got left there. The best part is there’s no set price for anything, just a vow to listen to any reasonable offer.

Obviously we’re not here to tell you what you should buy when you go deal hunting. If we manage to stop by though, we’re going straight for the tchochkes. Books and records, you can get those anywhere, but when you get a chance to buy someone’s doodads and flotsam, there’s bound to be some good stuff in there.

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