Good times expand: Mellow Pages moves to a larger space

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More room for books. Photo by Dave Colon

Mellow Pages, Bushwick’s DIY library that could, has not had a shortage of media attention, whether from the Times giving it their blessing or weird Kanye West-based pranks. One thing they started to have a shortage of though, was space, as their collection got big quick. So to take care of that problem, they’ve managed to grab themselves a new space already, just a few months into their existence. We spoke with co-founder Matt Nelson briefly about the move.

The library didn’t have to move far, just hopping two door down into a room about twice as large at the first space. It’s airier than the first one, with two walls of windows providing plenty of breathing room for any future readings or parties. Despite moving into a space about double the size of the old one, Nelson said that it doesn’t mean Mellow Pages is making any money.

“No one starts a library to make money,” Nelson told us over an email, and noted that between his new job and the money co-founder Jacob Perkins is out making while working on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, they’ll be able to cover the cost.

As for why they moved, it was simple: it gives more room for the books to take center stage, and gives Perkins and Nelson the opportunity to “spread the load around the room in a way that the books don’t get lost in the stacks,” Nelson said.

The new space does give the books more play, and helps showcase just how many books Mellow Pages has been able to collect in its short time as a library. Books take up all four walls, handmade bookshelves and milk crates turned into shelves. The move does come with changes to the space though, since it came at a time when Nelson got a fulltime job. At the moment, they’re looking for volunteers to keep the library open during the day, so if you know how to make coffee shoot them an email at mellowpageslibrary [AT]

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