Union Hall’s basement is reopened!

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Photo via Union Hall

Union Hall, the beloved Park Slope music venue and bar closed since a fire wreaked havoc on its insides back in March, is in a good enough state to partially reopen and host a series of shows in its basement. In an email sent out this week, Union Hall noted of the venue repairs, “We are making progress to open the upstairs of Union Hall, but meanwhile we are happy to announce we are able to host some of our shows in the basement, with entry through the patio gate!” They also told loyal patrons to, “Stay tuned for our grand opening announcement,” and that the upstairs bar will reopen, “very soon.” Good news!

Along with the front entrance, the kitchen will also be closed, but the downstairs bar sure as hell won’t be. The Basement Series starts Monday, May 15, and is sponsored by Peak Organic Brewing Company Beer Book bars Brooklyn Brewery and Coney Island Brewing Company.

Check Union Hall’s calendar for more details.

The shows will be hosted by Ted Cruz’s grandmother, patron saint of Union Hall’s basement.

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