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It’s gold: A free drag king reading of ‘The Outsiders’ at the Silent Barn

the outsiders
Whatever face that is that Patrick Swayze is making, that’s how you’ll feel if you miss this

If you grew up in the American public education system, you’re probably familiar with The Outsiders, the classic novel of class war told through the lens of teenage feels and sock hops. It made enough of an impact on America to get banned a few times and remains controversial because it’s about gangs and bad teens, but the folks at the Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick) found a way to make squares uncomfortable with the book even more uncomfortable by hosting a marathon reading of the book done by drag kings this Sunday. Will it be better than the traveling play version of the book some of us had to see in middle school? Definitely.

On Sunday, October 5 starting on 1pm, a succession of drag kings will read portions from The Outsiders, at a free reading at The Silent Barn. Obviously listening to people read out of a book for six hours could get a little taxing on even the most literary among us, so the reading will also have free first-come, first serve period-appropriate food like bologna sandwiches and soda pop, as well as breaks for music from the 1983 film adaptation to be performed live. There’s also going to be a chocolate cake contest, which there really aren’t enough of in this day and age.

Come dressed as your favorite character from the book, no matter the gender and no matter if you don’t have any hair grease, because it will be provided for you at the reading upon request! We’re not telling any of you how to behave, but if you’re attending a free reading of The Outsiders that you read about on a blog called Brokelyn, we don’t see how you could dress like one of those lousy Socs.


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