Go see ‘Rhinbecca, NY,’ a new play in Williamsburg where you can meet lots of attractive single people

Find out what these ladies are so scared of at Rhinbecca, NY. Photo by Hunter Canning
Find out what these ladies are so scared of at Rhinbecca, NY. Photo by Hunter Canning

Last week we told you to go see a play in Bushwick, because it would make you ask yourself why the heck you still live in New York. This week we’re telling you to go see a play in Williamsburg, because it might just get you laid.

Rhinbecca, NY is what some have called an “insane little piece of theatre” by New York-based indie theatre company Theater Reconstruction Ensemble (TRE) playing at the Brick Theater starting tonight (March 4). It’s an original play loosely inspired by the films of Alfred Hitchcock (Rebecca, Vertigo, The Birds) and the plays of Eugene Ionesco (Rhinoceros, Exit the King, The Killer).

TRE is just five years young, but the work of its 30-year-old director, John Kurzynowski, has already inspired a thinkpiece or two. And here’s the real reason to go: unlike stodgy Broadway and off-Broadway plays where you see the show and then vacate the premises, TRE’s shows are notorious for ending off with a trip to the nearest bar, accompanied by a cast that can drink you under the table. So it’s more than just theatre: it’s also a cheap thrill with people you’d actually enjoy hanging out with — including me, your trusty Brokelyn managing editor. Yes, I’m part of the ensemble!

Just look at this dashing cast. via Tre on Instagram
Just look at this dashing cast. via TRE on Instagram

Sure, we know that you can (and should) go see plays purely for the experience of theatre itself. But how often do you get to see a play with guaranteed social interaction to follow? And anyway, isn’t half the fun of gallery openings, live shows and cultural events the opportunity to meet other fetching young culture-seekers who have opinions and thoughts that might be similar to (or vastly different from) your own? This is a great way to take yourself out on the town solo and meet new people, and their friends, and friends of those friends.

And as mentioned above, I’m in this play. Yes, in addition to editing the magical Brokelyn dot com, I also act in plays for a living. But that’s mostly irrelevant. You should still come and see the play. Whether it’s because you love Hitchcock, or because you’ve got a penchant for weird theatre, or because you just live close-by in Williamsburg, or because you love to drink with strangers — who doesn’t? — it’s worth it. The tickets are cheap, the actors are single, and the boozing continues long after the show. Rhinbecca, NY welcomes you with open metaphorical arms.

Rhinbecca, NY opens Friday, March 4 and runs through March 19 at the Brick Theater (579 Metropolitan Ave.) in Williamsburg. Tickets are $18. 


  1. Alas, I didn’t meet any attractive single people, and I wasn’t invited to go drinking anywhere; this article turned out to be the first MacGuffin of the evening.

    But the play was really good. So good , in fact, that I’m tempted to see it again. Kudos to the author and the ensemble.

    • Sam Corbin

      Hey, thanks John! Glad you liked the show.

      Bummer you didn’t make it to bar festivities afterwards – we definitely crawled to alcohol with audience members after both evening shows this weekend.

      You should absolutely come see it again. AND enjoy the as-advertised nightcap with the attractive (and mostly single) ensemble. Just hang out in the lobby post-show and introduce yourself!

      Suspensefully yours,

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