Go over the top and 11 other free ways to spend the week

You're Sly, the breaded guy is the week ahead. Conquer that shit
You’re Sly, the bearded guy is the week ahead. Conquer that shit

1. The Bushwick Open Studios Mixer is both a fun way to meet people in the arts and a required event to attend if you want to be a part of BOS 2013. So, work and play we guess (Monday)

2. Interested in exploring the world of improv comedy but don’t wanna, y’know, pay for it? Lucky for you the Irondale Ensemble Project is hosting a free class, huh? (Monday)

3. So, “dancing + exercise” is a thing again. Or has it always been a thing and we just weren’t paying attention? Well, either way, LaunchPad is hosting a class (Monday)

4. WORD hosts a a workshop for people who want to get into DIY publishing but don’t know if they can do it. First lesson: believe in yourself! Ahaha, just kidding, we don’t know what the first lesson is (Tuesday)

5. Sylvester Stallone, arm wrestling, the 1980s: Bad Movie Brooklyn picked a goddamn classic in Over The Top (Tuesday)

6. Christy Mathewson was one of the greatest pitchers of all time and wrote a book about baseball. Chad Harbach and Will Leitch, discuss Mathewson’s book at Powerhouse despite not being Hall of Famers (Wednesday)

7. If Cameo is going to host a comedy show, it’s not going to be only big or only terrific. It’s going to big and terrific (Wednesday)

8. Want to be part of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint food co-op? Hey, it’s your life. The folks putting it together are having a meeting to tell you all about it (Thursday)

9. Get the 411 on information when Frank’s Cocktail lounge hosts a reading with the theme of “information” (Thursday)

10. Happy weekend! Book Court welcomes you to an event centered around a book about the apocalypse! (Friday)

11. The Park Slope Food Co-cop put it up to a vote, and they’ve agreed to host a poetry reading in National Poetry Month (Friday)

12. It’s a Battle Royale at Videology, followed by music, hangin’ out and the chance to win a homemade mix CD of Japanese hardcore, punk and metal. Don’t forget to say “domo arigato” if you win (Friday)

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