Just look at where you’re violin adventures could take you if you get good at this! via Facebook

Have you ever thought about learning how to play an instrument? Of course you have, but you’ve made plenty of excuses not to, also. It’s time to put a stop to that though. You may not become the next Jimi Hendrix, or that famous guy who is super good at violin, but since when has that ever mattered? Now is the time to learn, and lucky for you, there are affordable lessons geared to your level of experience (beginner) right here in Brooklyn. The best part? You get free beer or wine while you learn, because Boozy Music Lessons from Bantam Studios is back this year!

Like last year, guitar and violin lessons are administered in 8 week sessions that will cost $200 in total, with the fall session starting on September 20. You’ll start with the basics like beginning musical notation and theory, on your way memorizing a piece to be played at the end of the 8 weeks at a group recital at Bantam Studios.

Skipping to the important part though: During each session each student is given 2 beers or two glasses of wine. That’s a perfect way to loosen up, chat with the other students, and give yourself some confidence before strumming your way to becoming an expert, since it turns out being an expert on Guitar Hero doesn’t quite hold the clout you were hoping.

[h/t Fort Greene Focus]

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