Learn the ‘fiddling’ part of ‘Fiddling while Rome burns’ with these cheap violin lessons

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This could be you! The beard already is. via Flickr user Carlos Lorenzo

Trying to become more interesting still, but birdwatching isn’t really your thing? Understandable. After all, why should the birds get to have all the fun making music when you’ve totally got a Lumineers/Mumford and Sons inside you? Sorry, that was mean, we’re sure your band will be better than them. You just need to learn to play a folk-y instrument, and lucky for you, cheap violin classes have come to Williamsburg. Wait, sorry. Cheap violin classes that come with free beers. And before you ask, no, sadly, it’s not called the Kirin Ichiban Method.

Instead, it’s just called “Adult Group Lessons” (boooooring). Eight classes will run you $200, which comes out to $25 per class. Not bad. Over two months your teachers from Bantam Studios will run through the basics of playing the violin, from where to position your fingers to how to properly use the bow. Which, as a former child violin player I will assure you is kinda difficult to just teach yourself. But, about those beers.

You’ve got eight classes, and each class comes with two free beers. This means that if you have just one (maybe two) before the class, you’ll have the confidence to screw up in front of your peers and any curious on-lookers who are wondering why their bar has become a terrible violin recital. And while on the one hand, indie music’s coolest song uses bagpipes and not violins, on the other hand, Bantam promises to teach you something called “Boil them Cabbage down.” And who else is gonna teach you that? Well fine, who else will teach you that AND give you free beers?

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They say there's no such thing as free lunch, but they're wrong, at least when beer's for lunch and you've got a Beer Book.


What better way to prepare for the incumbent cold weather than treating yourself to a fiscally responsible way to drink a lot of beer?


"The idea is about flipping the objectification thing," but there isn't anything anti-men about this.


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