Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Giant version of Super Bushwick World on display at Mama Joy’s

Your princess is in another loft party
Your princess is in another loft party

Have you used your Beer Book coupon for Mama Joy’s yet? If you haven’t, we recommend getting there, first because the place is great, but now also because they have a cool new thing to stare at: a three-foot by three-foot production of the Super Bushwick World mockup that had been making the rounds on the internet.

We got an email from Ken Kocses, the painter of the fantastical map, alerting us to the fact that it would be on display at the bar until August 25. We’re not sure where it’s off to after that, but if you want to feel like a fancy patron of the arts, you can always buy it for $4500. Which we…wouldn’t recommend, since that money could buy a whole lot of health insurance. The painting shows off a number of Bushwick sites, such as the “Call Your Mom” building, the McKibbin Lofts and Roberta’s. Hell, it’s even got Maria Hernandez Park, along with warp tubes to represent the subway stops. The only thing it’s missing is your landlord jacking up the rent illegally at your apartment.

But if you do fall in love with the painting, you can always buy smaller versions of it for $30 from Kocses’ website. Maybe get one for your cousin in Tulsa and tell him that Bushwick looks exactly like this in real life. In the meantime, quit squinting at your computer monitor and get to Bushwick to check the painting out in real life.

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