Get wavy with Princess Nokia, and 18 more ways to reign over the weekend

Totoro always brings the party
Totoro always brings the party

1. See work from the city’s best young street photographers at the Empire State launch party at Livestream Public. (Friday)

2. Dance the lingering cold away as DJs spin hip hop, r&b, disco, and house at Trophy Bar. (Friday)

3. SnapCrackle and pop (lock and drop it) to jazz-funk, hip hop, afrobeat, reggae, and just about every other danceable genra at Bed-Vyne Brew. (Friday)

4. Hear The Brooklyn Writers Space’s David Grand, Terence Degnan, and Amy Sohn serenade you with their latest work at BookCourt. (Saturday)

5. Owl and Wolf are bringing “Dark Folk” to Pete’s Candy Store, so you’ll want your heavy eyeliner for this one. (Saturday)

6. Enhance your game by taking a free salsa lesson at Dance Fever Studios. (Saturday)

7. Have a gay old time at Wretched Presents: In Bloom, an inclusive queer 90s dance party. (Saturday)

8. Celebrate Ghana’s birthday with a vegetarian cooking class at Court Tree Collective. (Saturday)

9. Snack yourself into a plant-based stupor at Pine Box Rock Shop’s Vegan Shop-Up. (Saturday)

10. Milk every day of Women’s History Month for all it’s worth with Haitian concert at Kinanm Restaurant celebrating women. (Saturday)

11. See what brilliant creative magic happens when writers (including our own Kate Mooney) and artists get paired for Ekphrasis #3. (Saturday)

12. Get drunk on knowledge and also alcohol as you watch presentations on sexual dysfunction, Koko the Gorilla, and Liam Neeson at TEDxxx: Drunk by the Forces of Nature. (Saturday)

13. Have wild, raunchy, shamelessly sex-positive laughs with Betsy and Alise, and their lineup of lady comics featuring Michelle Wolf, Jena Friedman, and Anna Drezen. (Saturday)

14. Spin your partner as Fancy Cat spins old school 45s round and round at Soul Night. (Saturday)

15. Be regal with Princess Nokia at the Brooklyn Museum’s girl power-fest at Target First Saturdays. (Saturday)

16. Go get all New York dolled up and be a heartbreaker at Glamdammit’s dance party at The Grand Victory. (Saturday)

17. Nervously laugh away Monday’s terrifying approach at Freddy’s Bar’s Sunday Night’s Main Event comedy. (Sunday)

18. Hear the latest poetry published by Canarium Books at BookCourt. (Sunday)

19. Eavesdrop on live recordings of The Modern Vinyl and Washed Up Emo podcasts at Union Hall. (Sunday)

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