Get saved by the bell, and 13 other free things to do this week

Tori Scott can't believe you don't remember her episodes
Tori Scott can’t believe you don’t remember her episodes

1. Singer-songwriters Steve Volkmann, Alex Alexion and Audio Romance are taking over The Way Station. (Monday)

2. Hear about one star chef’s tumultuous journey to the culinary world, by way of rehab, at the release for Jesse Schenker’s All or Nothing at powerHouse Arena. (Monday)

3. Your usual Tuesday night orgy probably doesn’t that desperately needed break for a comedy show, so check out Over the Eight’s Illuminati Orgy. (Tuesday)

4. All those hours of Netflixing are about to pay off at Videology Movie Trivia. (Tuesday)

5. Step up your DIY artillery at the Brooklyn Craft Supply swap. (Wednesday)

6. Head to BookCourt for the release of Zone of Interest, a Nazi love story from Brooklyn’s literary curmudgeon Martin Amis that’ll make whatever messed up situation you’re in look like The Notebook. (Wednesday)

7. This week’s Summer Camp Comedy Show is the Pumpkin Spice So Nice edition so you owe it to autumn and nature and all things good to go. (Wednesday)

8. See the 1933 mystery The Kennel Murder Case at the Brooklyn Central Library. (Wednesday)

9. The jokes at Jacknife Comedy will pin you down and tickle you mercilessly. (Thursday)

10. The whiskey tasting, trivia, and giveaways at the release party for Of All the Gin Joints reminds us why reading is important. (Thursday)

11. It’s Sooo Up & Coming comedy at 739 Franklin is really looking up lately. (Thursday)

12. The James Rocket, Unicycle Loves You, Bunkbed, and Nu-Sonics are rocking Hank’s Saloon. (Thursday)

13. Hear some comics tear apart your favorite episodes of Saved by the Bell (well, if you remember Tori they’ll be your favorites) at Videology (Friday)

14. Build a karaoke kingdom and serenade your karaoke subjects at The Kings of Karaoke. (Friday)

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