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Get the recognition you’ve always wanted at the Lisa’s Choice Awards

lisa's choice awards
Get that certificate you’ve always wanted for not drunk texting your ex over the weekend. Photo by Philip Buehler

Awards, awards, awards. Always going to the same famous, beautiful rich people for doing their famous, rich people things. Isn’t it about time us shlocky normal folks got rewarded for the everyday victories we feel good about, like DDing for that party that time, or actually moderating ourselves to a reasonable four beers last Thursday? Well, apparently, now we can. At the Lisa’s Choice Awards, hosted by artist/comedian/self-proclaimed psychotherapist Lisa Levy at Pine Box Rock Shop next Friday, everyone can get an award for the achievement of their choice. At least, anyone who wants one can.

According to Dr. Lisa, no one should feel left out during awards season. You deserve the spotlight, too, for doing things like making it out of bed another day or not texting the ex Saturday night. Pine Box Rock Shop agrees, so the two are teaming up for a party/ceremony Feb. 28 from 8pm to 10pm to make sure everyone can pat themselves on the back.

The Lisa’s Choice Awards is a free performance open to the public scheduled in conjunction with Lisa’s gallery exhibition, “Everyone Loves A Winner,” which revolves around a little league-meets-girl-scouts “everyone gets a trophy” concept and takes place at the Auxiliary Projects Gallery, where Lisa will be making personalized awards on Sunday, February 23 from 2pm to 4pm to be presented to whoever wants one at Pine Box next Friday.

The awards are free, the event is free and this is a free country, so damnit, if you think you deserve recognition for that asinine thing you accomplished recently, tell Dr. Lisa and she will make your narcissistic dreams come true, free of charge. You may even win the grand prize, the “Person Who Is Better Than Everyone Else Here,” trophy, the requirements for which are vague at best but we think involves impressing Dr. Lisa and the audience. Or, if you really want to impress Dad with your ability to spend money, you can buy a big ole’ trophy yourself at the gallery on Sunday for $150 to $400. Fame ain’t cheap, folks.


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