Get ready for a New York Sports Club in Greenpoint

greenpoint new york sports club
We wonder if this will be a good FIT in Greenpoint. Eh. eh? via New York Shitty

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, a new New York Sports Club is scheduled to open in Greenpoint this winter, which is great for those with a New York Sports Club membership or those who would consider buying one, and less great for those who can’t afford to pay half the price of health insurance to have a gym membership.

For those less excited about fitness centers in the neighborhood and the attendant spitting out of sweaty body-builders and yoga mat girls, this probably means another corporate eyesore popping up on our nice, quiet north Brooklyn street. The NYSC joins Greenpoint Landing, the Dunkin Donuts literally everywhere and the Starbucks opening on Union Avenue on our “Increasing Capitalist Ventures, Dwindling Old-world Charm” bingo cards.

According to the MySportsClubs website, the fitness giant–which has divisions in New York, Boston, Washington and Philly–is readying a new 16,000 square foot location at 147 Greenpoint Ave. (near the intersection of Manhattan and Greenpoint) for an early 2014 opening. The “fitness gem” will offer three floors of new equipment, a UXF Cross-Training Zone, an exercise studio for group classes and small group training and “other amenities,” which we guess means towels and water fountains, and maybe a vending machine for people who like to pay for their water.

The announcement, along with a sign outside the location, also hinted at a discounted membership for early bird members, referring (with no further details) to a “Founder’s membership rate” that is apparently accessible by joining the Greenpoint VIP List.

The one thing we can say for sure about this is that the NYSC is going to be more sedate than the previous tenant in the spot, Club Exit. The nightclub previously located here known was mostly for its boisterous patronage, young, scantily clad girls, hot-headed guys and apparently, several shootings. But then again, you never know if someone freaks out over one of those loud grunters or a spin machine hog…


    • Leroy

      Haha. Great writeup. This echos my own sentiments.

      Services like this are a nice addition to any neighborhood. As demographics work themselves out, per the natural progress of city economics, this may go hand-in-hand with increasing the overall rent prices in the area. Yet, at the same time, that is a function of who they are serving demographically– people who are already here, willing, and waiting to pay their price of admissions. Chicken or the egg?

  1. God forbid people get easy access to fitness facilities. Please send your complaints again when you’re suffering from type 2 diabetes like the rest of “Fat America”

  2. Exercise is great, if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I’m more into being a hipster from out of town who may one day be ridden with obesity-onslaught disease. You guys nailed it.

    Ease up on the ‘roids and have a sense of humor, people!

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