How to not meet your new neighbors, starring Greenpoint Landing

Greenpoint Landing landed on them. via Inhabitat
Greenpoint Landing landed on them. via Inhabitat

Selling north Brooklyn’s waterfront to the highest bidder has become something of an art form during the Bloomberg administration, and yet somehow the people who they sell it to never get any better selling the public on their plans. The latest misstep comes courtesy of the people behind the hideous Greenpoint Landing, which already has the disadvantage of having a name that sounds like a WASP golf course. Greenpointers reports things didn’t go well at a public meeting on the project, almost from the start:

“’We’re creating a neighborhood on the waterfront.’

These were the poorly-chosen words of Melanie Meyers, a representative for the Greenpoint Landing development. “

Welp, that’s certainly one way to present yourself to the neighborhood fiercely protective of the uh, community, that they’ve built there over most of a century. It doesn’t sound like it got much better after that, be sure to read the whole post. Here’s a little unsolicited advice: offer another waterfront park to make people forget that one.

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