Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Get a peek inside the long-sealed Astroland Rocket at Coney Island History Day

astroland rocket
Don’t just look at the rocket, look IN the rocket. via Facebook

New Yorkers have been swarming the beaches and amusements of Coney Island for decades, and when that happens, history is bound to accumulate like so many ice cream stained napkins in a trash. While we think of a better metaphor for lovely memories, you think about the fact that Coney Island will be celebrating all that history with the 4th Annual Coney Island History Day at Deno’s Wonder Wheel (3059 West 12th Street) next Saturday, August 9. This year’s main attraction? You can get a peek inside the recently returned Astroland Rocket, which had been sealed shut for 45 years before this. Ooooooh, spooky!

Come August 9, from 1pm to 6pm, you’ll be able to do more than just stare at the Astroland Rocket and think about how much fun your parents might have had in it (G-rated fun, this was a children’s ride you prevert). The rocket will be opened after 45 years of sleep, and while we’re not the most superstitious people in the world, we’d still recommend not being the first person to look inside, in case the rocket has something like Tutankhamun’s Curse. Be one of the first 500 to get a look though, because according to a press release, the first 500 guests get Tang and moon pies.

Beyond getting a look in the Astroland Rocket, there’ll be plenty of other fun stuff going on down at history day. The Wonder Wheel will open for rides at 11am, the Rockinghams will be playing 60s and space-themed music (“Telstar” maybe?), and there’s going to be a rally of hand-cranked musical organs, which should make quite a racket. There’s even more than all that, but it’s definitely worth it just to get a look inside the Astroland Rocket. Think of the mystery!

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