Free sleds and hot chocolate are in Fort Greene Park today! [UPDATE: Or not]

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Fun in the snow: not just for the kids anymore. via Twitter user Rachel Berkowitz (@rachel)

[UPDATE: A Parks Department spokesperson tells us they decided not to offer the sleds and hot chocolate today after all. Sorry all]

The snow may have stopped falling, but there’s still a whole white mess on the ground to play with! And if you’re not already out of the house, you must be doing Snowpocalypse 2015 wrong. We’re way past the “I haven’t had brunch yet” excuse; and hey, look at us, we’re up and blogging, aren’t we? The NYC Parks Department figured you’d be too lazy to make up your mind about how to spend the day, so they’re making it easy for you by offering free sleds and hot chocolate in Fort Greene Park all afternoon!

To get your fix, head over to the park from now until parks close at 6pm. If Fort Greene’s hills are too crowded with folks enjoying their fancy new free sleds, you can always head to one of the borough’s other green spaces for a ride on your the DIY sled of your choice.

Stay warm, drink up, and get shredding.

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  1. Ugh, is it THAT hard to offer free sheets of plastic and cups of cheap powdered sugar to the snow-day crowds?!

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