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Get a free pig tattoo tonight at Arrogant Swine’s grand opening party

arrogant swine
You certainly won’t regret any of these in oh, let’s say, a day. via Instagram

If you’re going to open a restaurant in Bushwick, now the neighborhood of restaurants, you’re going to have to stand out in some way to get people to notice you. Arrogant Swine, a new BBQ spot opening on Morgan Avenue, is offering the chance for patrons to come get marked for life at their opening party with free tattoos from Gnostic Tattoo. Free tattoos of pigs, as seen above. Hey man, its your life.

If you’re determined to put on your Bad Idea Jeans and get one of these tattoos, Arrogant Swine can be found at 173 Morgan Avenue. Bushwick Daily had a report from a couple days ago about the kind of barbecue place it’s gonna be (whole hog, North Carolina-style), but the thing is, you need to pay for things like food. Those pig tattoos up there? You won’t have to pay for those, because really why should someone have to pay money to mark their body forever with a restaurant opening?

“This pig cutting itself up with a huge knife signifies I’m really into meat,” you’ll tell your children one day.

Anyway, the party starts at 5pm, which should give you plenty of time to drink either at work or at Arrogant Swine itself before making the decision that yes, you do want a flirty Miss Piggy forever. Have fun!

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