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Get a free crash course in your housing rights this weekend at the Silent Barn

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Has this happened to you? Learn what your rights are if it does

You’ve got a lot in life to worry about, between work, relationships and the knowledge that one day the sun will implode and end all life on Earth. So why would you want to add not knowing your rights in a tenant/landlord dispute to that list, when you can get a free crash course in your rights as a tenant this weekend at the Silent Barn? Sorry, they won’t be able to do anything about that whole “extinction of all life” thing. But no one can!

The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Avenue) is hosting a public meeting on Sunday at 4pm, with words from attorneys who are chock full of knowledge of New York City’s Byzantine housing laws. You’ll hear from David A. Kaminsky, David E. Frazer and Sally Robinson (who you might know from our article on illegal rent increases in Bushwick), who will cover your questions on things like the difference between rent stabilized and rent controlled apartments, if your landlord can raise your rent on a whim and the eviction process.

Even if you have a good relationship with your landlord, this is a great opportunity to get the lowdown on NYC housing law in case that relationship goes south, or you move somewhere else and wind up with a horrible landlord. Or failing that, you can use your newly gained encyclopedic knowledge of housing law to give free advice to some damsel in housing distress at the bar. Of course, just don’t tell her you’re a lawyer, that’s a crime.

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