Gay comedy show with free sausages, $8 cocktails coming to W’burg

This isn’t your average sausage fest, mainly because the sausages are literal, and it’s gonna be gay as hell.

Brokelyn’s resident hilarious superstar Bobby Hankinson (who helped edit this post) is hosting a back-to-school happy hour for all Heathers, Plastics, Pink Ladies and anyone looking to be trained in the art of ruling the school. Even if Bobby weren’t our favorite, though, we’d still write up this event ’cause it’s abounding in cheap and free stuff, plus local comedy.


Nice hat, Bobby.
Nice hat, Bobby.

Next Friday, September 15 from 6 to 10pm Bobby (Awkward Sex and the City), Matteo Lane (MTV), Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central), Julio Torres (SNL), Jen Keefe (“Orange Is the New Black”) and Becca Trabin (RISK!) will be performing Kweendom at Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.). In addition to lots of free laughs, there’ll be free Brooklyn Bangers sausages grilling on the patio till 10pm, plenty of crush gossip, $4 pints, $5 well drinks, $8 cocktail specials, and all the queer vibes.

There is no dress code, and you don’t need a permission slip. You also don’t need to pay any money upfront as there’s no cover, but while you’re munching and drinking and chuckling you should donate to GLSEN, who are working to make schools a safer space for LGBTQ youth. Kweendom will be collecting cash for GLSEN (the first $50 of which will be matched).


Lookin' good, Bobby.
Lookin’ good, Bobby.

See you in gay study hall, AKA eating sausages on the patio.

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