MTA to now study if C train is in fact slow, overcrowded (oh and the A train too)

c train
Hmmm… You know, maybe there are more problems than we thought. via Flickr user Julian Dunn

Coming on the heels of successfully getting the MTA to study the G train and come to the same conclusion (well, some of them) that New Yorkers could have already told them, the Riders Alliance announced in an email that the transit authority will study the C train to find out if it’s as bad as people make it out to be. Also the A train, but anyone who’s totally dependent on the C who sometimes watches two A trains speed by before on C comes doesn’t really see what people on the A train have to complain about.

Apparently not willing to put up with the C’s foibles like some other people are, the Riders Alliance brought out the big guns and got State Senator Daniel Squadron to help them harass the MTA into finally agreeing to a Full Line Review on the city’s longest line. The study has a vague end date of “sometime next year,” which we assume has less to do with bureaucratic foot dragging and more to do with how long it takes you to catch a C train once you finally enter the station.

The press release mostly focuses on people complaining about how the C train is dirty, subject to surprise, unannounced delays and always makes them late, with no word about the A train. So we’re just gonna take a guess that the A train study will be about whether in these modern go-go times the A needs a more modern official anthem than “Take the A Train.”

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