Fun new map lets you see how many sex offenders live near you

nyc sex offender map
You know, because we don’t have this program

The internet is awash in all sorts of fun maps that allow you to see building demolitions, where people drive poorly and even where everyone’s going to bone. Still, there are less maps that are around to feed into your paranoia about your neighbors, so thankfully that problem has been fixed thanks to a handy new interactive map from AirBnB critics Share Better. Oh sure, it’s designed so people decamping for AirBnBs in the city can see the building violations and sex offender living situations of the addresses they’re staying in, but it’s not like you aren’t suddenly curious about the sex offenders surrounding you.

According to their Twitter feed, Share Better came out with the map, which uses publicly available data, in order to keep people informed about public safety risks in or near buildings they’re staying in. So, you can use the map to search for building code violations and sex offenders together, or you can search for just one of the two. Despite being pitched as a tool to bring a little more safety to AirBnB, it’s also probably useful for you if you’re moving somewhere.

share better map
That’s a whole lotta sex offenders

From the looks of the map, you’re basically surrounded by sex offenders and building code violations, so if we had any advice, it would be to continually be aware and to have the number of a good handyman in your spacephone. Or maybe just carry a box of tools around wherever you go. Heavy enough to fend off an attacker, useful enough to fix a leak!

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