Sex map shows BK hoods that most visit the Bone Zone

sex sex sex sex
The middle of Brooklyn is your warp zone to the Bone Zone, it seems. via HowAboutWe

It’s getting colder, and that can only mean one thing: finding that special convenient guy or girl to trap in your emotional net to be your winter’s bone. But where are you supposed to go to find The One Until Things Thaw? The folks at HowAboutWe took a look at some data from the Community Health Survey and put together this handy sex map to see what neighborhoods are pretending to be bunny rabbits the most. Their verdict? Head to Crown Heights.

The sex cartographers (sexographers?) at HowAboutWe looked at how many people across the city had three or more sex partners over 2012, and then broke that population down by neighborhood. Despite their reputations as young bohemian sex free-for-all places, Williamsburg and Bushwick was in second place, with only had 9.5% of their populations going home with three or more people in a year.

The sluttiest/most liberated area in Brooklyn? Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, which had 12.3% of their residents hopping on three or more different magic sticks over the year. Rounding out the top five were Canarsie (8.3%), Flatbush (7.7%) and Coney Island (7.5%). Park Slope was near the bottom with just 5.6% of their residents sexing it up with different people. Maybe those Park Slope moms just haven’t found the right kind of guy.


  1. al fair

    this is misleading. having sex with 3 partners in a year only means you had sex at least 3 times. those park slope moms may be having sex 3 times a day but just with one person. probably the quality of their sex is better too.

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