Vision Zero interactive map allows you to pinpoint traffic complaints

People are pretty angry about traffic stuff
People are pretty angry about traffic stuff

If you missed the Vision Zero public meetings held recently but still have things you want to yell about traffic, you don’t have to just stand on the corner and scream at people. The city has developed an interactive map in which you can pick a spot on the street and alert the government to things like people speeding, bad cyclist behavior, too little time to cross and even jaywalking. That being said, it couldn’t hurt to get out there and scream on the corner either.

The Vision Zero map displays its complaints in color coded dots that signify a genre of complaint. And if you’re lucky, the person will also leave a comment, which pops up when you click any individual dot. That lets you both see where the failures are when planning certain streets, but also clues you in to just how horrible we are to each other around here. Running red lights when children are crossing the street, speeding with no regard for pedestrians, double parking as if it’s our job and cycling on pedestrian walkways. We’re a city of 8.5 million people who all figure, “Well it’s fine as long as I’m the only one doing this.”

If you have a traffic complaint, you’re free to leave one on there, and allegedly the city will take it into consideration for the city’s traffic plan. Or just look around, and enjoy the fun Easter Egg that is the “cyclist behavior” dot almost always being a complaint from a cyclist about how car drivers are jerks.

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