Get back to Breuklyn with Colin Quinn, and 15 more free ways to look back this week

colin quinn
He’s coming back to Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn

1. See some kind of messed up shorts and music videos at Madcuts at Videology’s Local Filmmakers Showcase. (Monday)

2. Brooklyn native Colin Quinn is back, in case you hadn’t heard, and he’s noticed some things about his old home town he’d like to talk about with you at Over the Eight. (Monday)

3. Spend a lovely Monday evening talking about the death penalty at Greenlight Books, because let’s face it, it’s not like Mondays aren’t depressing enough as it is. (Monday)

3. Join the OMGBBFLOLCLUB for comedy at Legion Bar and you just might earn some scout badges. (Tuesday)

4. Learn how to make small talk meaningful and life-changing with the authors of Surprise at BookCourt. (Tuesday)

5. Join two-time Oscar nominee Bill Plympton at Kickstarter as he screens his film Cheatin’ and ask how you can draw your own 40,000 frame film. (Tuesday)

6. Help solve the city’s problems at BRIC as they talk Big Money & Politics and screen a town hall with Letitia James, Zephyr Teachout, and more big important people. (Wednesday)

7. Leave your cares and vowels behinds as you dance to classics at Dmbo Vnyl Wdnesdays. (Wednesday)

8. Get a look at the projects through the eyes of the people who live there as opposed to rumors and sensationalism at the launch of Project Lives at powerHouse Arena. (Wednesday)

9. Groove to ominous but danceable music at The Twin Peaks Disco at Passenger Bar. (Wednesday)

10. Do some beer nerding and prize winning at Glorietta Baldy’s Beer Geek Trivia. (Wednesday)

11. Get your freelancing life in order and avoid tax disasters with tips from Shoestring Press. (Wednesday)

12. If you’re not going to be a decent son or daughter and return your mom’s calls, at least send her a photo of yourself at the BookCourt launch of Listen to Your Mother. (Wednesday)

13. Don’t you dare cry as you dance to electro and new wave at No Tears, no matter how inspirational everyone’s moves are. (Thursday)

14. Perform your ritual dance to the pork belly gods at Beast of Bourbon’s BBQ Boogie Down. (Friday)

15. Hear alt-country from Stevie and the Lion, along with some fresh jokes at Bitches’ Brew Comedy at Lucey’s Lounge. (Friday)

16. See how artists unite past and present with a little help from memes and emojis at Myth and Mutations. (Friday)

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