Get awkward with Issa Rae, and 17 more free misadventures to have this week

issa rae
Just a little awkward though. via Facebook

1. Your fate doesn’t have to feel so bleak thanks to the comics at We’re Going to Hell Comedy Show at Bar Chord. (Monday)

2. Issa Rae from the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl will be launching an eponymous book at powerHouse Arena. (Monday)

3. The panelists at Kickstarter’s Talking Shop: How to Pay Your Writers will help you keep your publication from becoming a writer sweatshop. (Tuesday)

4. The Secret Science Club is spending Fat Tuesday by getting a look inside your fat brain. Well, not your brain specifically, but human brains. A long look at human brains. (Tuesday)

5. Celebrate Mardi Gras at The Way Station with beads, Abita beer, and grunge brass band The Nevermind Orchestra. (Tuesday)

6. Eat dollar tacos like a baron and make sure comics like Justin Flanagan cut to the chase at Red Star Bar’s Get to the Point Comedy Show. (Tuesday)

7. If you get to Books in Babeland: A Sexy Reading Series early enough you could get a free gift, on top of the usual cocktails and sweets. (Wednesday)

8. Get folksy with music from Wharfer at Pete’s Candy Store. (Wednesday)

9. Go behind the scenes at Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel with the launch of Matt Zoller Seitz’s companion book at BookCourt. (Wednesday)

10. Commiserate over the wintry hell that is our lives at this month’s Three Jolly Pigeons trivia night, “He’s more like a De’SNOWsio.” (Thursday)

11. Laugh at, or with, your choice, Comedy Central’s Sabrina Jalees at It’s Sooo Up and Coming Comedy at 739 Franklin. (Thursday)

12. St. Joseph’s College hosts Richard Price as he discusses his latest novel, The Whites, about a New York City detective under siege by the city’s crime, his past, and a vengeful stalker. (Thursday)

13. Hear Haitian musician Daniel Bernard Roumain talk about collaborating with Philip Glass and Lady Gaga, then see him perform his latest violin compositions at FiveMyles Gallery. (Friday)

14. Relax, this month’s Stand and Deliver comedy at Freddy’s Bar is gonna be Just a Real Chill Show, You Know? (Friday)

15. Scream out all your feelings at Diary: The Original Emo Party at Cameo Gallery. (Friday)

16. Grow your mustache extra thick for Videology’s screening of Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song. (Friday)

17. Get physical at Over the Eight’s Highly, which promises to be the most sexual dance party of the year. (Friday)

18. Graduate to funk rock with Joshua Van Ness at BAMcafé. (Friday)

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