Join Fight Club, and 17 more free ways to conquer the week

Shirts optional

1. Reaffirm your cultural relevance to everyone at Hops Hill as you crush trivia night. (Monday)

2. Wear your fanciest off-center up-do to Side Ponytail comedy’s prom date show, featuring prom queens Carolyn Busa and Charla Lauriston. (Monday)

3. Rock writer Jessica Hopper will be at WORD to present The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic, so check out what she’s learned writing about music for twenty years. (Monday)

4. We’re pretty sure a demonstrated interest in the struggles of small-scale farming is part of the Brooklyn visa application, so we know you’ll want to watch Grazers: A Cooperative Story at Park Slope Food Coop. (Tuesday)

5. Bring all the friends that matter to People who need People, a group exhibition at 7 Dunham. (Tuesday)

6. Play Brooklyn neighborhood mini-golf, gorge your way through food trucks, and hear live music at the Brooklyn Half Pre-Party. (Wednesday-Friday)

7. Finch’s Beer Company is fluttering over to Glorietta Baldy for this month’s Beer Geek Trivia. (Wednesday)

8. Try not to die of joy when you spot the free Jamaican meat patties at Devour Hour comedy at Hank’s Saloon. (Wednesday)

9. We just broke the first rule about Fight Club screenings at People’s Republic of Brooklyn. (Wednesday)

10. Show support for Showtime bringing back Twin Peaks only if David Lynch does it (and eat donuts and watch Twin Peaks) at Videology’s Twin Peaks bingo. (Wednesday)

11. Corsages are optional at Passenger Bar’s Music Video Prom. Grinding, however, is not. (Thursday)

12. Learn to how to adult and make fancy summer cocktails, because there’s more out there than Evan Williams and store-brand coke. (Thursday)

13. See and hear stories from Colbert Report’s Rob Cantrell and Comedy Central’s Kevin Maher at Videology’s VideoTALE. (Thursday)

14. We think you look pretty great right now, but if you’re looking for a diet book that could actually make you laugh instead of quietly weep into Greek yogurt, check out Calorie Accounting’s release at Pete’s Candy Store. (Thursday)

15. Head to Late Night Basement with Chris Rose at Pine Box Rock Shop and see why Complex called Joe Pera a comic to check out this year. (Friday)

16. Poets will make you oo and aw with their brilliant words and rhymes at Roots Poetry Series. (Friday)

17. Opera on Tap is extinguishing every excuse you have for not appreciating opera by singing tweets and translating English translations of classics at Home Brewed Opera: English Edition at Freddy’s Bar. (Friday)

18. Learn about other cities, since they’re out there after all, at the release for n+1‘s new essay collection, City by City. (Friday)

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