An emo party! Plus 14 more free ways to bring back 2005 this week

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MakeDamnSure you’re there

1. BookCourt launches The Boy in the Black Suit, an uplifting tale of a teen who starts working in a funeral home after his mom dies. (Monday)

2. Of all the times to talk about race and politics, now seems like as a good a time as any. So see author Jason Sokol talk about the Northeast’s struggle with racism with New York Times reporter Brent Staples at Greenlight. (Monday)

3. Run From The Police isn’t just terrible advice if you’re not white, it’s also a free comedy show at Muchmore’s! (Monday)

4. Get jackknifed by some funnies at Brooklyn Colony. (Tuesday)

5. Learn about Van Gogh’s early years and see how well they match up with your life right now. (Tuesday)

6. If these comics don’t Get To The Point of their jokes soon enough, we won’t blame you for getting preoccupied with the $1 tacos. (Tuesday)

7. Just looking at you lately stresses us out, which is why you should go practice some mediation and relearn what relaxing is. (Wednesday)

8. Head to Summer Camp comedy for free pizza and a reminder that the bleak winter doesn’t quite last forever. (Wednesday)

9. Hear about some wrongfully forgettable ladies at the launch for Almost Famous Women. (Wednesday)

10. Flaunt your fun fact brilliance at Three Jolly Pigeons trivia. (Thursday)

11. It’s storytime, so grab your juicebox and scoot up to the People’s Republic of Brooklyn for This One Time Storytelling. (Thursday)

12. Join Split Personality as they celebrate their first birthday as Brooklyn’s only storytelling and sketch character show. (Thursday)

13. Stories are better with pretty, shiny visuals, so check out VideoTALE at Videology. (Thursday)

14. Greet a new year of art at Trestle with their annual exhibition Introductions. (Friday)

15. We’ve seen your Myspace and know how embarrassingly emo you once were, so straighten your hair and head to The Devil and God are Raging in Brooklyn. (Friday)

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