See any deals for furloughed employees? Share ’em

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Clinton Hill’s Cochinitas is giving out burritos. Anyone else showing love to the furloughed? via Facebook

Like we said when we posted freelance opportunities for furloughed employees, it must be tough not knowing how much longer this shit is gonna last. And while it might seem like this is something that merely affects people working in DC, we also know that there are federal employees right here in Brooklyn, and they could use a little love. So let’s make their lives a little easier and turn this into a space for businesses to share their furlough deals.

There are two that we know of at the moment: will give federal employees a free vibrator for their own personal stimulus package. Meanwhile, over in Clinton Hill, tacqueria Cochinitas will give anyone who has proof of federal employment a free burrito, which is the kind of handout that everyone (except for those really weird extreme anti-all immigration people) can get behind. Brooklyn businesses: what else have you got for our friends with the lousy luck to work for the federal government while it’s not working?

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