New website hooks up furloughed fed employees with freelance gigs

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They’re not paying you, so someone should. via Facebook

Are you a recently furloughed federal employee? We’re sure it was nice for a couple of days at least, sleeping until 10 o’clock and getting to see movies while everyone was working. But now this “no paycheck” thing looks like it’s gonna be a semi-permanent part of your existence. And since you need money, where can you get more of it? Enter, a website that will hook furloughed government employees up with freelance gigs. Look, its beats turning to sugar daddies.

Research, policy, writing, the gigs that unfurlough lists extend to a number of skills that you might have but can’t put to use because some people just can’t stomach giving healthcare to poors. And if you don’t see anything that caches your fancy, you can also list yourself as someone looking for gigs and hope that someone needs a person who’s really good at food or aviation safety inspection or writing grants.

Just be sure, as the website notes, to check to make sure you aren’t violating any ethics or outside work guidelines by accepting a freelance gig. Here’s a handy tip: if the freelance gig is “Freelance writing: Writing security clearance codes on this piece of paper” it probably violates a rule you have to follow about accepting outside work. Sorry!

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