That’s amore: Grab a ticket to a free ‘Moonstruck’ screening and dinner at Nitehawk

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Dinner for two, and Nic Cage: what could be more romantic?

[UPDATE: We heard from Solerno and they say the tickets and the waiting list are all full up! Of course, you can still have an awesome Valentine’s Day for no money]

Nobody knows romance like the Italians and no one loves a free meal like Brokelyn. So we couldn’t be happier to let you know about a chance to grab a free pre-Valentines day three-course meal,with  cocktails and a movie screening to boot, this Thursday at 7pm, at Nitehawk.

The film of the night is the classic (and Brooklyn-set) romantic comedy Moonstruck. Considering it has the theatrical stylings of early Nicolas Cage and Cher, how could you resist? I grew up on this movie because my mom is an absolute sucker for 80s romcoms, and a then-chiseled and less meme-y Nicolas Cage. Cage spends the movie dramatically overcoming the tragic of a loss of his hand (spoiler alert), unintentionally adding to the comedy component.

We know, free dinner (a three-course meal even) and a movie? It’s all on the dime of Solerno Blood Orange Liquer, who are just feeling extra lovey we guess. Also since this goes down on Thursday and not Friday, you cant spend your actual V-Day having fun not under the dreaded restaurant reservation pressure of the big day.

Naturally there is only a limited amount of tickets, 7 pairs to be specific, but it’s first come, first serve, so get ’em! And don’t let the odds discourage you, there’s a wait list in case any of the couples in front of you can’t hack the cold. RSVP to xoxosolerno [AT] with “Moonstruck RSVP” in the subject line. ¡Buona fortuna!

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