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Sunday morning, free poses in Prospect Park

Photo by sporkist.
Photo by sporkist.

Maybe you’re a first-time yogi, maybe you’ve posed in the past and just need a little push back into your old transcendent ways. Whichever, there’s no time like the present to touch your toes and feel that surge of spiritual energy that leads straight to stress-free well-being. And forget the fancy studio with blasting A/C. Do it in nature, under the trees, with Yoga Sole‘s free Sunday-morning yoga classes in Prospect Park.

The Windsor Terrace studio is offering the hour-long classes this Sunday, Jul. 25 and again on Aug. 1. In the words of Yoga Sole’s Evalena V. Leedy:

“Students will explore their strength and flexibility through a flow series of postures that incorporates twists, balancing, and some inversion. We will exploring the body’s subtleties, celebrate and honor our connection to the natural world. Build your endurance through breath, deepen your stretches, and increase self-awareness.”

Bring your lungs, your spine, and, of course, your mat. Meet at 10 a.m. under the big Oak trees at the right of the Bartel Pritchard lot (across from the Pavilion Theater). Here for more info.

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