Free in Red Hook: thousands of classical records

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We know there are still enough turntables out there for these to find a good home. Atlantis, a vintage boutique shop in Red Hook, is changing locations and wants to unload  “1000’s of  records. Most Classical in perfect condition,” plus 100 or so rock ones, the Craigslist ad says. We called the owner, who doesn’t care about the records and doesn’t know exactly how many there are, but they fill nine shelves between two bookcases (the bookcases aren’t included, but could be bought cheaply). The catch is that all the records must go at once. So if you want these, bring the minivan, UHaul or otherwise over-sized vehicle. There’s also a big fridge and two display cases up for grabs, the owner said. Call first: 646-258-1372.


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