Free hairdos for guinea pigs

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Photo by Scott Beale/Liquid Sky.

Tuesdays are training days at the tattoorific Woodley & Bunny salon in Williamsburg, which means pro bono coifs at the hands of assistants who are apprenticing to become full-fledged stylists. We stopped by for a gratis blowout recently, which was unexpectedly excellent and a likely gateway to riskier hair experiments on some future Tuesday. The blowout came with courtesies normally reserved for paying customers: the offer of a beverage, generous head massage, and, to our surprise, flawlessly straight hair with nary a roller-brush mishap or a hairdryer burn.  The type of service—blowout, cut or color—varies each week, so call ahead to find out before scheduling an appointment (then report back to us.) And don’t forget to tip. Woodley & Bunny, 490 Driggs Ave. 718-218-6588.

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  1. Thanks for this! This is my salon and I had NO idea that they did this on Tuesdays. Totally going to try it sometime. Great blog!

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