Free culture alert: Entire Criterion Collection available on Hulu until Monday

Get swallowed up by Hulu this weekend
Get swallowed up by Hulu this weekend

You might think that you know how to mark an anniversary, but whatever flowers/chocolate/jewelry combos you’ve pulled off can’t compete with this offer from Hulu. Because it’s the second anniversary of their partnership with the Criterion Collection, the entire library on Hulu Plus is being opened to the public, for a limited time.

Before you make a sacred vow to watch the entire collection, keep in mind that the whole collection is over 800 movies and the peek in to it only lasts from now through Monday. This means that unless you have a time machine, there just isn’t physically enough time for you to watch all the movies at once. And if you have a time machine, come on, do something a little better than this. BUT you can still check out awesome movies like the original version of The Blob, French New Wave Classic Shoot the Piano Player and human hunting extravaganza The Most Dangerous Game. So now we’ve got something to watch while we eat our terrible feelings of loneliness away!

[h/t HDR]

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